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7 Week Traditional Upholstery Course – Change Your Career

7 Week Traditional Upholstery Course – Change Your Career 

Price: £3,465.00

The 7 Week course is designed specifically for those who wish to set up their own traditional upholstery business.

The 7 week course is equivalent to 35 days (245 teaching hours).

Attend the course on dates convenient to yourself (within the available dates published on the website). There is no time limit for completing the course.

Who is the Course Suitable For ?

This course is specifically tailored for those wishing to set up their own traditional upholstery business.

What Does the Course Involve ?

  • The teaching of traditional upholstery methods using traditional materials
  • Basic furniture repairs
  • French polishing
  • How to make Cutting Plans
  • How to measure fabrics accurately
  • Advice on running your own upholstery business
  • How to set up a workshop
  • How to price for a job
  • Advice on Fabric suppliers
  • Advice on Upholstery Suppliers

As this course is specifically designed for people wishing to set up their own traditional upholstery business, the following items of furniture will be required and where possible, should not be deviated from. This is to enable  you cover the widest variety of furniture during your course, setting you in good stead for your future career.

If you are struggling to find items of furniture, we do hold a selection of suitable items which are available to buy, for your course.

Set list of furniture required for the 7 week course:

  • Antique Drop in Seat Chair
  • Antique Pin Stuffed Chair
  • Antique Sprung Dining/Nursing Chair
  • Antique Stuffed Edge Roll Chair
  • Antique Footstool
  • Antique Circular Stool
  • Antique Four Fold Dressing Screen
  • 20th Century Parker Knoll Wing Armchair
  • Antique Traditional Wing Armchair

It is expected, in order to fully complete the set list above, that additional work will need to be undertaken, at home, by the student.

More Detail:

The course runs on weekdays only.

Course times: 09:30 – 16:30

Subject to availability, you are able to choose your own dates. You can book a single day or two, three, four or five days at a time up to a maximum of 35 days (7 weeks).

A light lunch along with tea, coffee and biscuits is included in the course price.

The use of all tools is included in the course price.

On-street parking is available in the immediate area, however, you are able to load and unload within the car park of the workshop.

Are there Any Additional Costs to the Course Price ?

Furniture, fabrics, fillings, braids and all other miscellaneous items are an extra cost but are all available to buy from us during your course. Alternatively, we are more than happy for you to bring your own.

Dates Currently Available

September 2022: Monday 12th  – Friday 16th

October 2022: Monday 10th  – Friday 14th

November 2022: Monday 14th  – Friday 18th

December 2022: Monday 12th  – Friday 16th

January 2023: Monday 16th  – Friday 20th

February 2023: Monday 20th  – Friday 24th

Further dates will be added as the months progress.

Further Information

If you require any further information about the above course please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 07712191758 or by email enquiries@theuniqueseatcompany.co.uk

Other Courses Available

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