About Us

What we do

The Unique Seat Company are first and foremost Traditional Upholsterers. The time involved in the craft of traditional upholstery along with the quality of the materials used is reflected in the sale price and results in some of the most individual and impressive pieces of furniture available today.

The materials used include herringbone webbing, hessians, springs, coir, hair, cotton felt and calico. We NEVER use foam. The covering fabrics are sourced from some of the best, current, high-end fabric designers in the world.

All wooden furniture is polished before re-upholstering. This can involve, depending on the condition of the wood, either carefully stripping and then applying several layers of quality french polish before a final coat of mellow wax or it can simply mean a basic clean with a wax based polish. All furniture is checked for woodworm and treated if necessary.

What we sell

We sell mainly antique furniture. Each item, once it has been traditionally upholstered, becomes unique in its own right – from a single bedroom chair, small piano or dressing stool, to a large comfortable armchair, nursing chair or full set of dining chairs. All pieces would look equally resplendent in a cottage, modern house, city centre flat or a country house interior.

We also make a scatter cushions, draught excluders, seat cushions and curtains. These can be made to order.

Our ethos

The idea for The Unique Seat Company was conceived back in 2004 when, to our dismay, we found that there was a distinct lack of antique furniture available on the market which was well upholstered and yet had a contemporary feel suitable for a 21st century interior.

Along with this realisation we were also becoming more and more aware that there were issues which we all, as a nation, needed to address. The need to re-cycle and re-use existing items, the need to keep traditional skills alive and the need to provide and maintain excellent customer service with a personal touch whilst making use of the amazing technology available today.

With all these ideas in mind we gradually became confident that we could create a company that catered for all these needs and The Unique Seat Company was finally born.

Our aim

As a very small company we aim to combine traditional skills and materials to create unique, irresistible furniture covered in high-end, contemporary fabrics suitable for todays interiors whilst always maintaining our exceptional customer service. If you have any thoughts on how we can improve our service to you then please do not hesitate to e-mail us at: enquiries@theuniqueseatcompany.co.uk