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Button Covering Services

Button Covering Services

We are now able to offer button covering services to the UK and the rest of the world. The buttons, with wire loop backs, are available in Sizes 24, 30 and 36. The buttons are suitable for all upholstery projects.

Wire Loop Buttons Prices and Additional Costs

Size 24 = £0.45 per button

Size 30 = £0.47 per button

Size 36 = £0.49 per button

The system used for measuring button sizes originates from an ancient French calculation that is called ‘Lignes’ and should not be confused with millimeters. See size details below.

Size 24 (Lignes) = Completed button width of 14mm

Size 30 (Lignes) = Completed button width of 18mm

Size 36 (Lignes) = Completed button width of 22mm

Buttoning twine for use with wire loop buttons is available at £0.50 per metre.

NB: Postage charges apply to the UK only. If you are outside the UK please contact us for carriage charges.

If you need any further help or information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 07712191758 or by email enquiries@theuniqueseatcompany.co.uk