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Traditional Upholstery – What is Involved ?

Stuffed Edge Roll

What Does Traditional Upholstery Involve ? Traditional upholstery is an age-old craft where an item of antique furniture is upholstered using hand tools, traditional methods and materials. Generally speaking, there are seven layers involved in the traditional upholstery process. These layers are added in a specific order, as detailed below; The Webbing – Webbing is added to the seat to give strength to the upholstery and forms the base layer. Black & White Herringbone webbing should always be used on a seat as this is the strongest of all webbings available. Tarpaulin Hessian – Hessian is added on top of the webbing and provides another layer of strength enabling someone to sit on the furniture. If double cone springs are to be added then they would…

Antique Piano Stools

Duet Stool

Antique piano stools were widely used within the home during the Victorian (1837-1901) and Edwardian eras (1901-1910) when singing, around the family piano, was an extremely popular tradition and pastime amongst all levels  of society. Piano stools were also used in the William IV and Regency periods but to a much lesser extent and are therefore much harder to find, especially in good, solid condition. Antique piano stools come in all shapes and sizes and normally have either storage, or are adjustable, or have both features. Stools which are neither adjustable nor have storage are usually classed as music stools and are used to play musical instruments other than the piano, for example the cello. Adjustable piano stools and stools with storage are particularly popular due…

Is the Height Adjusting Screw Mechanism On Your Antique Piano Stool Broken ?

Piano Stool

If the metal, height adjusting, screw mechanism on your antique piano stool no longer works then The Unique Seat Company can help. All too frequently, the metal turning mechanism of your circular antique piano stool can wear out meaning that you are no longer able to adjust the height of your stool. The Unique Seat Company, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire can repair the screw thread on your piano stool so that you can enjoy your piano stool for years to come. NB: Please note that we do not sell replacement parts and will need to be in possession of your piano stool in order to effect a professional repair. Which parts will you need ? If you are bringing the stool to us in…

Which Wax Polish Should I Use on Antique Furniture?

Finney's Wood Finishes

Which Wax Polish Should I Use on Antique Furniture? Mark Finney of Finney’s Wood Finishes in Derbyshire gives his expert advice on which wax polish is best suited to antique furniture. Mark informed The Unique Seat Company, “A big area of confusion regarding antique furniture is which wax to use. Everyone’s heard of Beeswax, but is this the best? Wax polishes fall into two categories, those for bare woods and those for sealed woods, individual formulations producing more or less shine depending on the ingredients used. For example, waxes containing Carnauba increases sheen whereas Beeswax on its own is excellent for dry, untreated wooden surfaces. Wax polishes suitable for bare wood may also be applied to old oiled finishes or previously waxed surfaces. What is sealed…